Runamuk Dairy Goat Stud

Come and Runamuk for awhile...

                              .....HUMBLE BEGINNINGS.....

I decided to enter into the world of goats to fulfill my ever growing passion of being totally self-sufficient.....

I mean " a couple of goats would be great for our own milk supply"

Hhmmmm.... 20 goats later and I have definitely strayed a little way off the path....but what a wonderful adventure it has become!

We originally acquired some unregistered stock, being one mottled goatling and a couple of kids. Of course it just kept expanding from there. 

We were then fortunate enough  to purchase some beautiful, pure bred registered does and a lovely buck kid.

It has turned into a real family affair now. My wonderful hubby and son have dedicated many hours on weekends, fine tuning their skills at shed building. Our daughter is always lending a hand at feeding, milking, showing, and of course kidding, which is without doubt the highlight of the year!

The Anglo~Nubian

What a divine creature try truly are.

A unique head with gorgeous long ears, a combination of different colours ~ like no other.

Their personalities can range from cheeky & bold to  proud & noble.

Might be worth mentioning too that they also give the most wonderful, creamiest MILK imaginable!


  Truly an amazing animal.

  If you feel like your missing something in          *LIFE*

  You probably need an *ANGLO~NUBIAN*

The Bristish Alpine

Beautiful and highly intelligent.

Striking black and white with a lovely disposition.

Designed to milk as a true dairy goat for two or more seasons!

These wonderful  goats are easy maintenance and are well suited to free range situations. 

We have introduced new bloodlines from the eastern states and are very excited about our future breeding program